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Central Shell

The Central Shell consists of 5 subsystems, a) the portal, b) the system database, c) the reception and dissemination of data and services subsystem, d) the subsystem for information dissemination, training and smart specialization, and e) the GEO Data Manager Internet Map Server.


Sectorial Application 1

Control of human activities pollution and environmental protection in coastal and rural areas in the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia - Thrace and at the Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece and Ionian.


Sectorial Application 2

Sustainable management of soil-water resources and assessing of natural hazards at the Decentralized Administration of Aegean.


Sectorial Application 3

Spatiotemporal inputs management and optimization of productive effect of resources in perennial crops at the Decentralized Administration of Thessaly - Central Greece, Decentralized Administration of Crete and Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece and Ionian.


Sectorial Application 4

Good agricultural practices and support of agricultural entrepreneurship at the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia-Thrace.


Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manual of Central Shell and Sectorial Applications Subsystems, Installation Manual and Technical Manuals of System and Administration Tools.

The Project “Environmental information system for the support of entrepreneurship and competitiveness” is implemented within the framework of the operational programme “Digital Convergence”, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by national resources. It is the first project in Greece that provides digital services to citizens in accordance with the social benefit areas of GEO (Group on Earth Observation).

In the context of the Project created a central shell to support development initiatives of regional management structures in providing sectorial service management applications and multiple sectors of the regional economy. These sectorial applications focus on rational management of natural resources as they are the common basis of development of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of regional economies, while, the quality of the natural environment and the quality of life of citizens depends on their situation and use. The purpose of these applications is to provide reliable and debugged information/data for use in management decisions faithfully following GEO principals for the benefit of end-users.

The final beneficiaries of the project are the Inter-Balkan Environment Center (Operation Organization), the Decentralized Administration of the Aegean, the Decentralized Administration of Thessaly-Central Greece, the Decentralized Administration of Crete, the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia-Thrace and the Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece & Ionian.







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